ONA Block, Gel or Liquid Odour Control Neutraliser Eliminate Smells FRUIT FUSION



Item Description

ONA Neutralising products consist of specific complex formulations of chemical compounds for maximum odour neutralising effect. Contains natural Terpenes which eliminate odours effectively, efficiently and permanently, not just masking them like may others. The specialised formulations are tailored to work on a wide spectrum of organic and in organic odours. ONA formulations have been scientifically engineered to be environmentally safe to use around people, pets and plants, it's manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure a non toxic product.

ONA Fruit Fusion Gel Available in: 400g, 732g & 3.8kg
Formulated to evaporate a consistent amount of odour control. Simply open the lid and place in desired location. Regulate the strength by exposing more or less surface to the air.

ONA Fruit Fusion Block: 170g
A fast, easy way to fight odours at their source. Simply open the lid and place in room or vent.

ONA Fruit Fusion Liquid: 922ml
Can be added to commercial misting systems, humidifiers or simply sprayed freely into the air to neutralise airborne odours on contact. ONA Liquid is water based and can easily be diluted for safe and effective washing of odour saturated garments.

ONA Fruit Fusion Spray: 250ml
A convenient pump spray containing ONA liquid - this handy spray can be stored conveniently and used for the immediate control of airborne odours.

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