HERB DRYER Bud Odour Free Drying, Fan, Carbon Filter, Dry Rack Net Hydroponics



Item Description


Choose from:

Compact Size - 4 Tier Rack: 30cm Diameter by 40cm Length. (Perfect for small, compact spaces).

XL Size - 5 Tier Rack: 60cm Diameter by 70cm Length. (5 Times more volume than the compact version).

HerbDryer Herb Dryer - Built In Odour Control System. Will remove 99% of all odours!

Unlike traditional dry nets, the HerbDryer has a built in Carbon Filter & Fan that blows air down through the nets tiers. This helps speed up the drying a process and enables the crops to be used quicker.

Have your herbs dried perfectly! No more crooked looks when people smell something weird?... Yup, we gotcha covered - Odour Free, means you can hang it anywhere!

With the HerbDryer you can stop worrying about getting mould or being stressed about hitting that perfect moisturising levels. We know it can be exhausting to always check.

HERBDRYER knows how to maintain consistent, persistent and constant airflow throughout the drying process - all alone.

99% Odour Free!
Our odour filtering system prevents unwanted odours from the plants and herbs being dried, and can reduce the spread of allergens from the drying process.

Stops the Spread of Mould
Mould spreads when there is moisture from herbs and plants are closed in a closed and poorly ventilated area. HerbDryer stops the spread of mould due by generating a constant flow of clean, filtered air.

High-Quality Uniform Drying
The HerbDryer features a unique air circulation system that has undergone extensive testing to ensure constant air flow for high-quality and uniform drying.

Light-Weight, Compact, Easy to Store
The HerbDryer is foldable and easy to store. Its compact design makes it perfect for small spaces, like a small apartment or even a closet.

Quiet & Discreet
Bud dryers are often very noisy and visible. HerbDryer dries your herbs quietly and can work in small or closed spaces, allowing for very discreet use.

There's a perfect fit for drying your herbs

  • We guess you can enjoy something that can system that's effective at eliminating odour.
  • Great for growers that want to stay discreet.
  • Compartmentalised design that allows multiple plants to be dried at once.
  • Active airflow system.
  • Minimal time to set up.
  • HerbDryer can be hung virtually anywhere around the house. (No floor space needed).
  • Nice, clean and minimal design that can be fit to all.
  • It can be stored neatly in its carrying case.

You Get:

  • 1 HerbDryer
  • 1 Carbon Filter
  • Electric fan - airflow system
  • HerbDryer Case
  • A/C Plug: UK

Product Details:

4 Tier Drying Rack

  • HerbDryer Compact Diameter: 30cm, Height: 40cm,
  • Carbon Filter Size: 120x120x25mm

5 Tier Drying Rack

  • HerbDryer XL Diameter: 60cm, Height: 70cm
  • Carbon Filter Size: 120x120x50mm

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