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Item Description

Available in all Scents:

Fresh Linen, Pro, Apple Crumble,

Tropics, Fruit Fusion & LemonGrass (New Scent)

ONA Block: Small Size - Large Performance

The ONA block is a small quiet workhorse when it comes to odour control. It can be put anywhere and forgotten until the odour returns.

It is an odour neutraliser in solid wax form. It is a complex formula of essential oils, industrial strength yet safe for home and business, and can be used around people pets and plants.

ONA blocks are a fast and easy way to fight against odours at their source in small sized areas. Simply open and expose to the air or remove the block from its container. The lifetime of the block will vary but it will be effective for about 4 weeks relative to the airflow and environment around the block. To limit the amount of odour control and extend the life of the block, drill holes through the lid making it excellent for clothing storage, gym bags and diaper pails.

ONA blocks are ideal for pet smells around dog baskets, litter trays and toilets. Cars, boats and motor-homes are suitable for Blocks especially when they have been in storage and subject to dampness or mustiness! The ONA block will release its powerful odour neutralising agent and keep the location free from undesirable odours.

Instructions for Use: Simply open the lid and expose the ONA block to atmosphere for as long as the odour remains, or remove completely from case if more persistent odour exists that requires a higher neutralisation rate

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