INDIZONO Ozone Generator Inline Air Odour Control Neutraliser + Ceramic Plate



Item Description

Ozonators produce ozone in air ducts through ceramic electrode plates, with the amount of ozone produced being equal to or greater than current lamp ozonators.

Indizono patented ozone generation system is the most economical system on the market, which we can affect in the final price of the product, costing half that of the rest of the ozonators but with equal and even higher performance.

Ozone is O3, that is, one more oxygen atom per molecule, which gives it a high reactive power, "completely eliminating any odour particle in the air".

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant, fungicide, bactericide and virulicide, as well as deodorant, so it eliminates germs and bacteria from the air ducts of our crops.

INDIZONO Ozonators have a minimum electrical consumption, ranging from 30 w of the basic model of 3,500 to 90 w of the model of 10,500, with the ceramic plate lasting from 14 to 18 months.

  • In diameter of 150mm with a production of 3,500 mg/h, being able to purify up to 3,000 m3
  • In diameter of 200mm with a production of 7,000 mg/h, being able to purify up to 6,000 m3
  • In diameter of 250mm with a production of 7,000 mg/h, being able to purify up to 7,000 m3
  • In diameter of 315mm with a production of 10,500 mg/h, being able to purify up to 10,000 m3
Replacement Ceramic Plate also available to purchase!

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