Flexible Ducting - Black Combi or Acoustic Insulated, 4” 5” 6” 8” 10” 12 inch



Item Description


  • 4" (102mm) x 5m or 10m Length
  • 5" (127mm) x 5m or 10m Length
  • 6" (152mm) x 5m or 10m Length
  • 8" (203mm) x 5m or 10m Length
  • 10" (254mm) x 5m or 10m Length
  • 12" (315mm) x 5m or 10m Length


4 layer multi-laminated construction with an encapsulating high tensile steel wire helix that ensures strength and durability. The black PVC outer is totally plant safe and a strong vapour/light barrier ensuring extra air tightness over standard alloy ducting while still being very flexible. Due to the 4 layers (when fully extended), the ducting folds it shape with a seamless void delivering low pressure drop and no particulate clogging and low noise when in use. This ducting has a clear layer on the inside and a black lightproof layer on the outside. The clear layer works effectively to minimise the noise of the foil.


Acoustic Ducting is ideal for reducing duct borne noise as well as fan muffling and heat. Constructed using micro perforated inner ducting to dampen noise which has an acoustically transparent coating which acts as a vapour barrier too, this ducting has 25mm fibre wool insulation and is covered with an outer jacket, which is a multi-layer Aluminium/PET mix offering great flexibility and strength. It also acts as a barrier against damp expelled air from entering the fibre wool creating a breeding ground for pathogens. The products have been tested for fire resistance

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