SOLAR-TECH 720w LED Full Spectrum Grow Flowering Light Osram & Samsung LEDS 2.8u

Solar Tech



SOLAR-TECH 720w LED is a Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 6 Bar Fixture with an enhnaced near red for a more prodcutive flowering phase. The fixture features both high quality Samsung & Osram Chipsets spaced to provide a solid footprint within the robust but light weight space saving folding structure.

The near red spectrum is very important part of the overall spectrum when plants are in the productive flowering phase providing a better fruiting and flowering formation, a key factor for plant development.


  • 2.8 umols
  • Dimmable Settings: 250w 400w 600w (660w Boost = 720w Max Output)
  • Compact 6 Bar Foldable Design
  • Osram & Samsung Chipsets
  • Solar Tech PRO power pack with RJ ports using 0 - 10v control protocol
  • Dimensions: 108cm x100cm x 8cm
  • Weight 6.5kg

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