LINX Twin Seedling LED 2 x 18w Propargation Grow Lights Full Spectrum 9000k



LINX LED Twin Seedling Grow Lights 2 x 18w Lighting Strips is a powerful and efficient LED grow light intended for use in the early stages of plant development. With 18 watts of power, this light provides just enough light for seedlings and young plants to grow strong and healthy.

LINX LED's Twin features a unique twin-lamp design, which provides even and consistent light coverage for your plants.

LINX LED's bulbs used in this light are specially designed for plant growth, providing a full spectrum of light that mimics natural sunlight. This helps to promote healthy growth and development.

The light is also energy-efficient and long-lasting, making it a cost - effective choice for indoor gardening.

LINX LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, so you won't have to replace them as frequently, and they use less energy, which helps to lower your electricity bill.

  • Includes 2 x 18w LED fixtures
  • Full Spectrum 9K
  • Light Output: 46.8 umol
  • 18w per strip
  • Water resistant housing and connectors IP67
  • Daisy Chain up to 50 Lighting Strips
  • Hanging Clips included

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