ROX Flower Enhancer PGR Bud Booster Increase Yields Soil Coco or Hydroponics 1L



Item Description
ROX PGR Flower Enhancer is a very powerful flower enhancer which acts in a number of ways...

  • It allows you choose the height you want your plants to grow to. When plants are around two thirds of the height you want them to grow to, apply Rox. Sometimes it will be necessary to adjust the time you add it for taller and shorter growing plants.
  • Rox will increase the number of flowering sites by around 20% to 30%, naturally more flowering sites means more yield.
  • Rox adds weight to your flowers. This means that instead of just spreading the same weight amongst a larger number of flower sites as with certain products, the extra flowering sites that you generate will actually increase this overall weight. Not only this but all the extra buds are dense and completely filled. This overall effect of this is an increase of weight of 20% to 35%
  • The maturity of your crop can be advanced by as much as one week.

It is recommended to use Rox between days 21-35 of flowering, however many growers have had fantastic results by deviating from these guidelines, have an experiment with times and doses and we are sure that either way you shall be very impressed.

Rox contains various components, both organic and synthetic. The organic consists of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The synthetic faction consists of PGRs (plant growth regulators).

Suitable for:

All growing mediums and systems.

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