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Item Description
WHEN WEIGHT IS KING... Use Flower Bomb Maximiser Additive to Trigger "Explosive" Flower Formation... like you have never seen before!!


Available in sizes: 30ml, 250ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litre

Flower Bomb Maximiser Additive promotes extraordinary flower formation in the latter stages of the bloom period. It increases the density of the finished product and can be used in conjunction with PK boosters to boost final weight by up to 70%!

Flower Bomb is regarded as one of the most potent PGR based flower enhancers on the market. It's effective in all types of growing system and with all types of growing media, and it can even be used to control height in taller or longer flowering varieties.
  • An extremely powerful PGR bloom additive
  • Promotes excessive flower formation
  • Can be used in conjunction with PK boosters to increase weight by up to 70%
  • Complements all nutrient regimes and nutrient brands
  • Works on all media types and in all hydroponic systems
  • Can be used to control height in taller or longer flowering varieties
  • Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way at only 1-2ml per litre
  • Used in commercial horticulture and approved for use on edible crops

Flower Bomb Maximiser Additive works by triggering explosive flower formation using plant growth regulators (or PGRs). These PGRs have been certified as safe for use on crops, and have been used for some time in professional horticulture and agriculture. PGRs increase yields by promoting cellular expansion through signal transduction pathways, stimulating plants to grow dramatically in size. Flower Bomb can also be used to control height levels and stretching by adding it to your routine during the third week of the bloom phase.

For plants with shorter flowering times of around 8 weeks, add Flower Bomb at a ratio 1-3ml per litre during weeks 4 and 5 of the bloom phase. For strains with longer flowering times use a ratio 2-4ml per litre.
Flower Bomb can be used in the early flowering stages to control height levels. Note that it should be used for no more than 2 weeks in total. For example, weeks 4 and 5, or weeks 3 and 5 (when using it to control height).
For best results use on virgin growing medium.

Always use clean utensils, gloves and eye protection when using Flower Bomb Maximiser Additive and store in a cool dark place between 5c - 30c. Keep out of the reach children and do not swallow.

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