IONIC SOIL GROW 1 Litre Plant Vegging Nutrient Growth Technology Hydroponics

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Ionic Soil Grow

Growth Technology Ionic soil grow is a unique single pack nutrient designed to deliver the complex profile of mineral elements a plant needs, in an easy-to-use format.

Growth Technology's research has enabled all essential elements to be combined in a single pack. Most importantly, these are stable in solution and delivered in the correct ratios required by plants. IONIC is also pH stable giving the grower easy control over nutrient solution and trouble-free operation.

IONIC contains 14 essential elements at both macro and micro levels supporting rampant growth and superb harvests.

  • Formulated with pure, soluble mineral salts, enriched with complex organic plant acids
  • Now available in separate formulations for the grow and bloom phases of growth
  • Specific formulations for natural media
  • Single part simplicity and stabilise pH
  • Gentle plant friendly solutions that come the closest to natural systems

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