Growth Technology pH Up & Down Water Control Solution Hydroponics 1L 5L

Growth Technology


Item Description

Using the correct pH in your nutrient solution is essential, too low or high and it could have a detrimental effect on your plants, so ideally the level should be between 5.8 – 6.2.

When mixing up nutrient solutions, pH can fluctuate, or the water being used has a naturally low pH, but with just a couple of drops of Growth Technology’s pH Up or Down, it can change the pH to a more accepted level, and one that your plants will love you for.

Growth Technology pH Up & Down formula is highly concentrated so only a few drops can dramatically change the pH, therefore its recommended that a small amount is diluted in just a few milliliters of water first, then added to your nutrient solution drop at a time.

NEVER use pH Up and pH Down together. If you’ve accidentally used too much pH Down, DO NOT use pH Up to correct the problem and vice versa. If this happens, we recommend you dispose of the solution and make a fresh batch as mixing pH Down and pH Up can have a chemical reaction and render the nutrient solution unusable.

With pH Up being 25% Potassium Hydroxide, and pH Down being 30% Phosphoric Acid, extreme care should be taken when using them. If it comes into contact with skin, eyes, clothing or even swallowed, rinse with clean water immediately and always read the safety notes before use.

You should also make sure that your pH meter or pen is kept clean, rinse between use and regularly calibrate it using a known pH liquid, such as Buffer 7, so it always reads accurately.

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