FRUIT MACHINE - Flower Booster for Bigger Buds, Heavy Yields Hydroponics Additive

Fruit Machine



Fruit Machine Flower Booster 

Fruit Machine Flower Booster (previously Bud Meister Organic) from Grow Australia is one of the best flowering stimulators on the market. Using organic technology to focus the plant into floral production earlier redirects vegetative energy into floral mass and enhances flowering sites. Using complex plant-derived organic stimulants combined with naturally occurring elements, Fruit Machine forces the plant to produce more sites. This initiates flowering faster and creates a heavier flower that holds more weight when dry.

Grow Australia has manufactured a product that is nearly 100% more concentrated than its closest competitor giving you a great value-for-money flower enhancer. Fruit Machine is to be used in the early stages of flower development as it slows the longitudinal growth of the plant and allows this plant energy to be entirely directed into creating more larger and denser flowers than that was previously thought possible with organic technology. This gives the grower the advantage of increasing both flower size and weight and reducing production time.

  • Uses organic technology
  • Contains Triacontinol and amino acids
  • Made from plant extract
  • Initiates flowering sites
  • Shorter inter-nodal gaps


1-1.5ml/l in either week two or week 3 of the flowering phase

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