LUMii 4, 6, 8 Way Socket Contactor Grow Lights Timer 26 Amps Relay Hydroponics



Item Description

Designed, assembled and quality checked in the UK, the LUMii Contactor timers are the most robust and professional on the market. Fitted with the world leading Grasslin timer, our Contactor's also have protection covers for all sockets and floor pads for floor use. Included with two brackets, they are wall mountable and can be hung in a grow tent.

  • Lumii 4 Socket Contractor - 26 Amps 4 x 600W lights
  • Lumii 6 Socket Contractor - 26 Amps 6 x 600W lights
  • Lumii 8 Socket Contractor - 26 Amps 8 x 600W lights

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