28 Way Professional Metal Timer Contactor Box Circuit Breakers Hydroponics



Item Description

28 Way Timer Contactor Box

The 28 Way Black Metal Timer Box allows users to safely and reliably automatically switch lighting ballasts, Lamps and fans on and off according to the schedule that is best for you plants or appliances.


  • Each socket is individually switchable, so you don’t need to run all the grow lights all the time.
  • Made from highest quality steel.
  • Galvanised wall-mountable back plate the width of the entire unit.
  • Thick rubberised cable – no risk of light degradation.
  • These are heavy duty contactors which send power to the ballasts bank-by-bank to avoid big surges.

Circuit breakers

Time delays to protect ballasts in the event of short power failures Battery reserve on the timer. Note: Commercial units must be hardwired by a qualified electrician.

Why use a Contactor

Like most living organisms, plants need a period of darkness, so most growers set a timer to turn their grow lights on and off at specific times. However, grow lamps generate a large spike in electricity when switching on.

Without a contactor this electrical spike travels through the timer and is enough to cause the timer to burn-out, leaving the grow lights in the on or off position until you manually switch them.

With a contactor the power goes through the robust switching components of the contactor. The surge doesn’t go through the timer itself, so there’s no risk of burn-out and harming valuable pieces of equipment or even worse cause fires.

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