Yo-Yo Plant Supports Retractable YoYo Bungee Hangers with Stopper Hydroponics Packs of 5

Garden King




YoYo plant supports are a very simple to use plant support system that automatically adjusts as your plant grows. Each YoYo support hook is basically a plastic hook on a length of 180cm fishing line that is rolled under slight tension which is strong enough to support plants and prevent them bowing or falling over. There is also the option to push the Stopper to lock them in place.  YoYo's are very basic and easy to use. 


If the height of your plants is an issue you can use YoYo plant support hooks to pull problem branches from side to side also and keep your prize produce out of the heat spot of your light.

  • Hang it above the plant to support the stem
  • Gentle on plants, will not damage stems or branches.
  • YoYo line is 180cm in length
  • Comes with plastic stopper to secure the string at the desired length
  • It also perfectly meets the requirement of adjusting the hood to provide different light supply as plants grow.
  • Provides reliable support & distance from plants with tension mechanism

Choose quantity:

1 Pack = 5 yoyos

2 Packs = 10 yoyos

5 Packs = 25 yoyos

10 Packs = 50 yoyos

20 Packs = 100 yoyos


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