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Item Description
Helps plants achieve their full potential! SUPERthrive is an amazing non-toxic plant vitamin supplement that has long been known by gardening experts as the World?s #1 plant food. This nutrient additive is NOT a fertiliser and should be combined with fertilisers to stimulate amazing results. Used by growers for decades? Why? Because it helps achieve amazing results!

SUPERthrive the Essential Vitamin Solution. Secure your transplants: revive stressed plants and produce abundant yields with SuperThrive.

SUPERthrive unique: no-toxic vitamin solution encourages the natural building blocks that plants make for themselves when under the best conditions, fortifying growth from the inside out.

Generations of home gardeners and professionals trust SUPERthrive timeless, proprietary formula.

  • Use for transplanting and maintenance for all horticultural and agricultural needs
  • Helps root development.
  • Reduces transplant shock, even for older and larger trees.
  • Builds plant vigour.

SUPERthrive is a growth enhancer for super healthy growth and as a plant 'pick me up' and stress reliever. Super Thrive is the top selling vitamin and hormone liquid concentrate.


May be combined with fertilisers for ease of application. Extremely concentrated.

  • For gardens: use at the rate of one drop per gallon, or 3 oz per 100 gallons of water.
  • For hydroponics: add at the rate of 2-3 oz per 100 gallons, or 1-2 tsp per 10 gallons, each time you change or add new water to the nutrient solution.

May also be applied as a foliar spray to promote vigorous roots, healthy plants and abundant blooms in ALL plants. See product label for specific instructions.


SUPERthrive is a vitamin-hormone liquid concentrate, containing .09% vitamin B1 and .048% of the hormone 1-Napthyl acetic acid (NAA). It does not contain any NPK macro-nutrient fertiliser. It should be used as an additive alongside a normal fertilisation program with other plant nutrient products, and not as a standalone fertilisation product.

It works directly on the roots to encourage robust and healthy plant growth and to revive plants that have had a hard time, but SUPERthrive is also commonly used to reduce the stress caused after plants are transplanted.

Since it is non-toxic, it is safe to use on all edible plants and many growers also use it as a foliar spray to give their plants an extra boost (spray on the underside of leaves for the best results). It is designed for use throughout the entire plant growth cycle and studies have shown it to be effective in both the vegetative and productive flowering/fruiting stages.

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