SMSCom MK2 Smart Single Fan 6.5 amp Speed & Tempreture Probe Controller Sensor



SMSCOM Mk2 Smart Single Fan Speed & Temp Controller


The Smart Controller is plug and play so no wiring is needed, just plug in your fan, set the desired temperature and the software inside the Smart Controller will calculate the correct running speed of your fan to accurately maintain your temperature.
The Smart Controller distinguishes itself from other types of controllers by using software.
This technology has only ever been seen in the Twin Controller 4.5A but is now available in a unit designed to control a single fan.
The Smart Controller will automatically find the correct running speed of your fan so a constant temperature is maintained.
This new technology ensures more accurate temperature control, less fan noise and longer life of your fan.
When the temperature is low (eg. lights off) the SMSCom will idle your fan at the speed you set on the dial, giving your plants a slow movement of air.
When the temperature reaches the maximum temperature you have set on the dial the fan comes on at full speed to quickly lower the temperature.
This means you still get a reduced air flow when lights are off (plants still need to breath when lights are off) and full speed fan when the temperature gets higher.
Having the fan slowly extracting when lights are off will reduce humidity which can build up, reducing the risk of bud rot.
  • Very smooth fan speed adjustment.
  • Reduces fan noise.
  • Optimise grow room temperature.
  • Constant air flow.
  • Plug and play - no wiring necessary.
  • 2m Temperature Sensor.
  • Minimum fan speed can be adjusted.
  • Accurate to +/- 1 degree.
  • MAX Load 5A
  • This fits UK 230v plug and socket.

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