SkyHigh Alpha Roots Excelurator Rooting Nutrient Stimulator Formula Hydroponics

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SkyHigh Alpha Roots

New Rooting Stimulator on the Market!!

Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1Ltr Bottles

SkyHigh Alpha Roots is a multi-faceted approach to cellular development. By using proprietary phosphite technology and phosphorus solubilising bacteria (PSB) as well as open sources of organic nitrogen to allow, a zero withholding period for your plant's initial needs. These are complimented with early hormonal, vitamin and conditioning agents that ensure optimal delivery of nutrients, whole microbiology (PGPR) assist theirCell division is increased leading to improved root architecture and increased energy levels (ATP).

Other benefits include natural phytohormones that act as precursors to plant function that aid development, stress relief, collation of nutrients, osmoregulation in plant cells, and resistance to disease. Vitamin groups include B, C & E as well as other biological co-factors. function. Suitable for use in all substrates & Hydroponic systems.


  • 2ml per llitre to pre soak and innoculate propogation plugs to promote rapid & healthy roo development
  • 0.2ml per litre through vegetation & to the 4th week of blooming period.
  • 1ml per litre for stress relief

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