SHOGUN SAMURAI COCO Multipack Starter Pack Hydroponic Nutrient Feed & Boosters

Shogun Samurai


Item Description

Shogun Samurai Coco Multi Pack has everything you need to get growing in coco medium from start to finish.

Covering every spectrum for superior plant health, Shogun have compiled this multi pack to get your grow off to a flying start.

Multi pack contains: Shogun Start for early plant and root development Katana Roots for rapid root growth, and Calmag as a rich source of calcium and magnesium. The heavyweight stimulant Sumo Active Boost which bolsters quality, aroma and flavour, finishing up with the expertly formulated PK Warrior 9/18 & Dragon Force for explosive combined flower formation.

Alongside the Shogun A & B nutrients you can be sure to have all bases covered in both vegetation and flowering.

  • Shogun Samurai Coco Multi Pack contains everything you need from start to finish.
  • Perfect for beginners and seasoned growers alike
  • Developed by leading bio-chemists and formulated for U.K water
  • SmartZen featured in Samurai Coco A and B hugely increases photosynthesis and lowers heat stress
  • Shogun Samurai Coco A and B contains AquaZen for superior water distribution throughout coco fibre
  • All Shogun products are highly concentrated and cost effective

Multi-pack contains:

  • 1x 250ml Start
  • 1x Shogun Coco 1 Litre A + 1 Litre B
  • 1x 250ml Katana Roots
  • 1x 250ml CalMag
  • 1x 250ml PK Warrior 9/18
  • 1x 250ml Sumo Active Boost
  • 1x 250ml Dragon Force
Shogun Coco Feed Chart (Downloadable from Photos)

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