RAM Air Pro Twin Fan Speed Climate Controller Thermostat Digital Hydroponics



Item Description

RAM Air-Pro II Fan Speed Controller Twin Fan Speed Silent Climate Temperature

The RAM AIR-PRO II is an intelligent and silent indoor climate controller designed to control two inline/exhaust fans thermostatically, monitoring and keeping the desired room temperature and air pressure.

The RAM AIR-PRO High Power operates at up to 7 amps per socket.

The AIR-PRO's unique sofware will automatically calculate the running speed for the temperature/pressure desired by adjusting the running speed of the fan. The AIR-PRO will also maintain a stable running speed that means the fan will be running at it most efficient , extending the life of your fan, whilst using minimum electricity.


  • 1 x 2m remote thermostat sensor
  • Variable temperature control
  • Variable fan speed control
  • Digital display
  • 1 x 2m power lead

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