PLANT MAGIC PK 13/14 Unique PK Increased Quality Yields Flowering Bud Booster



Item Description


Plant Magic Bloom Boost PK is a flowering booster that is developed in a way to be easily absorbable by your plants. By increasing available levels of phosphorous and potassium throughout the flowering stage, your plants will be able to utilise this to increase overall flower weight and size.

General Information

Bloom Boost PK also contains added magnesium and sulphur to aid potassium uptake and prevent nutrient lockout. Further to this, you can expect increased essential oil production.


  • Easily absorbed by your plants
  • Sulphur and magnesium aid potassium uptake
  • Increases final harvest weight

How to Use

For best results, we recommend using this in line with the Plant Magic feeding charts. Always shake well before use.

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