MONKEY NUTRIENTS STARTER PACK Complete Kit Grow to Bloom Soil or Coco Plant Feed

Monkey Nutrients



The Monkey Nutrient Starter Pack lets you get some top quality nutrients at a discounted price!

This is the FULL SET listed below, plus either Monkey Resin OR Monkey PK; the more expensive products in the range.

Box Includes:
  • Feed Chart
  • Grow A+B 1 Litres – Grow phase base nutrient for lush vegetation and a strong start to the plants life cycle.
  • Bloom A+B 1 Litres – Flowering phase base nutrient for rapid flower formation.
  • Boost 1 Litre – Plant stimulator to increase plant performance and boost yield.
  • MagCal 250ml – Magnesium & Calcium additive to give plants an ample supply of the elements it needs.
  • Stress 250ml – Silicic Acid for strength and protection from grow room stresses and insect attack.
  • Root Shoot 300ml – The flagship of the range; massively increases root formation which in turn vastly raises the amount of nutrition the plant can absorb.
  • PK 9/18 250ml (Blue Box) – Potassium and Phosphorus for strong flower formation which increases the final harvest.
  • Resin 300ml (Red Box) – Oil and terpene booster to increase quality and quantity of the harvest.

See what all the fuss is about and have a go with one of the newest nutrients on the block! Monkey Nutrients are a UK company and they produce all products in this country. This means it is less likely to have supply issues, and you can be sure it won’t have been in a container for months!

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