Lumii Heavy Duty JUMBO Rope Ratchets 130KG Grow Light Reflector Hanger Pulley



Item Description
Pair of Lumii Heavy Duty Jumbo Rope Ratchets - Holds total weight 130kgs!

The LUMii Rope Ratchets pull tight, lock into place and they are really durable. Simply hook onto the object, and then pull the cord until the desired height is reached, and they lock into place ? it really is that easy!

  • Pack of 2 Heavy Duty: 2.5m of rope. Holds up to 65Kg per ratchet! Large Steel S-hooks each end.
  • Easily adjusted by operating the lever on the pulley
  • They are super tough and will never slip, or rust
  • Excellent for hanging reflectors, lighting fixtures, carbon filters, ventilation equipment and much more!

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