JIFFY-7 Peat Compost Plug Seed Starter Grow Propagation Pellets 41 x 42mm Hydro




Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets


More you buy, more you save!

"Size when rehydrated 41mm x 42mm"

Well balanced starter fertilizer optimum air porosity.  

No root disturbance - better plant survival.
Easier handling and storage less handling involved.

41mm diameter (when reconstituted).

Supplied as a dried compressed pellet allowing storage

of unused plugs until required  without wastage.

The plugs are easily re-hydrated ready for use.

Soak pellets for 5 minutes then squeeze to introduce air and prevent water  logging.

Create a small at the appropriate  depth for the variety and place the required seed,cover then propagate.

A specially formulated base fertilizer gives plants the best start without the  need

for further application until later  in the production cycle.

Jiffy-7 pellets have incorporated a specially designed wetting agent to allow  fast

and uniform re-wetting should it be  allowed to become over-dry.


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