HYSHIELD Improves Plant Growth Nutrition Uptake Yields, Fights Fungal infection



Item Description

From the creators of Hygrozyme comes HYSHIELD

This unique formula is derived from exoskeletons of crabs which are a natural by-product of the crab fisheries. With HYSHIELD in your grow, from seedlings to harvest, your plants are protected.

Your plants overall health is the most critical part of your grow. If your plants immune system isn’t strong and healthy your crops yields will be significantly reduced.

HYSHIELD tricks plants into thinking they are being attacked by pests and, as a result of this perceived infestation, the plant’s immune system goes into protective mode. These natural defence mechanisms not only stimulates the plant immune system but also keeps pathogens and pests at bay.

Our unique formula when applied to crops as a foliar spray or drench, can increase your plant’s resilience to survive in high heat and cold stress environments.

Designed to be compatible with water-soluble nutrients & supplement programs, HYSHIELD can help boost your yield and enhances conditions for better plant growth.

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