125ml - 250ml - 500ml

For Fully Formed Flower Use Hydrotops Triple F

The now legendary Hydrotops Triple F was first developed back in 2003, rapidly proving itself to be one of the best floral stimulator's money can buy for any media type. Over the years Hydrotops Triple F has consistently been trialled by many seasoned professional growers, delivering yield increases of up to 50%. Hydrotops Triple F has a 100% bio-organic formula, utilizing only a beneficial blend of micro-organisms that work in harmony with your plants root system to produce huge yields of superior quality. As with all Hydrotops products there are no plant growth regulators or PGR's involved to improve yields, only a natural helping hand! 

Hydrotops Triple F utilises two components to trigger an explosive flowering response in the flowering period. The first component comes in tablet form, which is a blend of  micro-organisms that work in conjunction with your roots and growth medium to boost nutrient uptake. The second component then acts as a catalyst on these micro-organism's, acting as a food source for them to thrive, developing a symbiotic relationship between the root zone and media. All this increased activity in the rhizosphere produces a frantic flowering response, adding further weight to already heavy flowers. Hydrotops Triple F, along with the rest of the Hydrotops range, contains no PGR's, meaning there are no health risks involved or environmental
damage done by using this product, just great results every time. 


125ml - 250ml - 500ml

Supply the Power and Structure for Maximum Flowering Potential with Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop

With over five years of research and development, Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop is a tried and trusted, 100% organic stimulant, for use not only in the flowering cycle but the vegetative cycle as well. When used in veg, Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop promotes shorter, bushier growth in plants and an increase in lateral flowering sites. Thanks to this increased growth rate, you'll decrease veg times across the board, allowing you to cultivate more crops per year than before with no decrease in yield; in fact, quite the opposite! The result of this shortening of veg time and node length is denser and more abundant flowers at harvest and, as with all Hydrotops products, there are no plant growth regulators or PGR's involved, only pure organics from start to finish lowering enhancers, boosters and stimulants like PK additives are great for increasing yield, but that's only part of the story. The foundations for the largest possible harvest start with the root system being adequately nourished and the correct nutritional balance at all stages of growth being well catered for prior to the bloom stage. It is with this last point that Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop truly comes into its own. The benefits of Top Heavy Crop start when used in the vegetative cycle, where its use increases lateral growth rates, while keeping node lengths to a bare minimum (helping hugely when it comes to flowering, as these nodes will stay dense and tight for flowers too). By default, this promotion in growth rate leads to decreased lengths of vegging time required, allowing for more crops to be grown year on year but without a drop-off in overall yields or quality. 

Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop comes in two parts. The first part is in a tablet form, full of microbial elements which latch onto your root system, combining with the rhizosphere. The second component acts as an organic catalyst, which stimulates the microbes (now attached to your root system) into action. This synergy between the two components boosts Brix (sugar) concentrations in the leaves and flowers massively, leading to vastly larger yields with an incredible flavour and aroma to match.


125ml / 12 Dose - 250ml / 25 Dose

Organic, Bio-Stimulation for Soil, Coco and Hydroponic Systems

Hydrotops Bactivator is a 100% organic bio-stimulant that's creates a solid foundation for all growth to come. By naturally recreating the conditions found in rich, organic top soil, Bactivator creates the perfect environment in any media type for your roots to flourish, leading to enhanced, compact vegetative growth and the potential for profuse flower and fruit formation later in the plants life cycle. Hydrotops Bactivator also boost your plants defences against infections such as Pythium by removing waste products and dead root growth from the root zone, preventing any fungal infection from ever taking hold. We strongly recommend using Ecothrive Neutralise with this product to avoid the chlorine/chloramine in tap water from inhibiting, or even killing, the beneficial microbes.

Hydrotops Bactivator comes as two components. The first component comes in a tablet form which comprises of a unique blend of over 40 carefully selected and cultured beneficial microbes and fungi with extra amino, fulvic and humic acids in a suspended state. This blend stays suspended indefinitely until activated by the second component. The second component is a liquid blend of plant hormones, enzymes and microbial catalysts which are designed to stimulate root function and sustain the microbial culture during the initial stages of inoculation. 

Once activated, the beneficial microbes, fungi and extra amino acids in the tablet component attach themselves to the root hairs, promoting and boosting root function, allowing the remaining plant hormones, enzymes and catalysts in the liquid component to energize your plant. Hydrotops Bactivator also takes waste products from the root zone and converts them into useable plant nutrition, this increases oxygen levels and further boosts root formation and overall growth.

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