HPS & MH Grow Light Reflector Hood (Euro Barn) E40 Fitting + YoYo Ez Hangers

Omega Lighting


Euro-Wing Reflector + YoYo EZ Hangers
Euro grow light reflector suitable for 250-600 watt MH & HPS lamps.
All reflectors are supplied with a 4 metre cable with IEC fitting.
We use hammered dimpled anodised aluminium to maximise reflectivity and reduce hot spots.
Fits all horticultural lamps with E40 fitting
Curved width Approx: 37cm
2 x YoYo EZ Hangers
Say goodbye to Ropes, Pulleys & Chains!!
Adjust to the required height and then slowly tighten the wing-nuts until it just takes the weight
of the lamp & reflector, you can then simply raise and lower at will.
Gives easy access to check your plants and for fast growing plants that need
regular height adjustments.

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