FLEXITANK Portable Water Butt Tank Barrel Storage Collapsible Fold up Compact



Item Description
Revolutionising Water Storage!

The all new AutoPot FlexiTanks come in a variety of sizes and revolutionise water storage, they are everything you need in one compact box. They require no tools for assembly, reduce storage and shipping costs and take minutes to assemble. It really couldn't be simpler.

  • Available in: 25, 50, 100, 225, 400, & 1000 litre capacities
  • Easy to ship and store
  • Fits where other tanks cannot go

The all new FlexiTank are created by AutoPot Global Ltd. A company at the forefront of the Automated Watering System industry.

Please select which size Flexi-Tank you require:

100 Litre FlexiTank
  • Diameter: 43cm dia x 75cm high
  • Capacity 100 litres
225 Litre FlexiTank
  • Diameter: 63.5cm dia x 81cm high
  • Capacity 225 litres

400 Litre FlexiTank
  • Diameter: 68cm dia x 111cm high
  • Capacity 400 litres

1000 Litre FlexiTank
  • Diameter 1200mm x Height 900mm
  • Capacity 1000 litres

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