EVOPONIC LIQUID ICE - Protects Plants Overheating & Heat Stress Bio-Stimulant


Size::  250ml

Item Description
LIQUID ICE - Protects against overheating & Heat Stress that would otherwise kill your Plants

Tested in the glasshouses of the Middle East!

Liquid Ice will keep your plants growing to their full potential, even when exposed to temperatures well out of their ideal ranges.
It works by triggering the production of large quantities of natural growth hormone – you could almost think of it as being like a course of steroids for your plants, strengthening them up and dramatically increasing their resistance to heat.


Liquid Ice has proven to reduce the effects of overheating in growing environments on plants, allowing the plants to not only cope but thrive when temperatures rise above 30oC. Liquid Ice is designed to be used by growers who are striving to reach high levels of production economically and with the technology of tomorrow.

  • Unique to Evoponic
  • Advanced Bio-stimulant
  • Takes growing to a new level
  • Protects against heat stress
  • Prevents Flower Abortion
  • Allows Side-Shoots to grow on
  • Produces more growth hormone
  • Compliments all Plant Feeds & Additives
  • Tested in the glasshouses of the Middle East

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