Electric Tube Heater Mountable Greenhouse Grow Room, Tent Heating Hydroponics



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Lighthouse Ecoheat Tube Heater

When the colder winter months arrive, keeping your grow room temperatures stable is crucial to keeping your plant’s thriving. The LightHouse ECOHEAT Tube Heater makes keeping a consistent environment simple – protecting plants from sudden temperature drops and humidity fluctuations.

At 80w, the ECOHEAT gives super low running costs, using less than 50w per foot – similar to that of an ordinary light bulb and 25% less than most tube heaters! The tube heater functions most closely to a radiator, working to give a consistent spread of heat in the surrounding air. This spread helps to keep the warmth even throughout the room and to avoid the chance of heat damage to the plants from a concentrated heat point.

Available in 4 Sizes -
1ft - 45w
2ft - 80w
3ft - 135w
4ft - 240w

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