BioTabs Guerilla Box Juice Tablets Grow Flower Additive Fertilizer 100% Organic



Item Description
BIOTABS - Guerrilla box (Powered by BioTabs) is a set of GUERRILLA TABS and GUERRILLA JUICE in one set.

Slow-release organic fertilizer tablets, solution and beneficial bacteria. Best suited for growing outdoors. For 5 large plants. Less work, more capacity. Let nature work for you.

BIOTABS - Guerrilla box can also be used indoors.

Guerrila tabs (20 tablets)
Guerrilla Tabs are organic slow release fertilizer tablets. They condition the soil with microbiological action and at the same time fertilize the plant. Organic 10-gram tablets with slow release NPK 15-7-8.
In addition, the tablets regulate the pH of the substrate, as in more acidic soils, such as forest, they are able to raise the PH on plants more suitable (approx. PH 6.5) which will ultimately mean much more yield.

Guerrilla tabs instructions
Use 4 tablets per plant. The tablets are inserted about 5 cm deep in the immediate vicinity of the flowers and then watered the plants.

GUERRILLA JUICE is a liquid accelerator of growth and flowering of the organic type, which promotes a healthy substrate and optimal conditions for growth. Guerrila Juice is an organic fertilizer with NPK 5-1-5.

Dosage Guerilla Juice
Dilute 10 ml of Guerilla yesterday in 1 liter of water. Water the plants with this solution once a week from the fourth week.

Organic certified ingredients.

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