Biobizz Microbes 150g Hydroponic Beneficial Bacteria Enzymes Trichoderma



Item Description

Biobizz Microbes - 150g

Need a helping hand? Biobizz uses four kinds of beneficial enzymes, bacteria, and fungi to naturally enhance plants and their surrounding substrate.

A friendly bunch

Biobizz mixes 4 kinds of microorganisms, enzymes, and beneficial fungi to make a comprehensive plant enhancer. These friendly bacteria live harmoniously in the soil and provide a wealth of benefits to the surrounding plants.

Together, they stimulate germination, increase nutrient uptake, and fight off threats - all of these make for some superb yields.

Recovers poor-quality substrates

As well as improving plant health, these microlife can help to nourish struggling substrates. No matter how healthy a plant is, if its soil is uninhabitable, it can’t grow!

Biobizz Microbes works to create an environment that is naturally self-sustaining and will house healthy plants for seasons to come.

Includes beneficial microbes…

The mix of microbes in this product means no aspect of plant health is left behind.

From absorption of essential NPK to micronutrients and soil-improving substances, these beneficial microlife improve the small details as much as the bigger picture.

They promote phytohormones like indole-3-acetic acid, which promotes cell elongation and cell division for rapid young growth.

…team-building enzymes…

Enzymes are the catalysts for all kinds of biological processes. The ones in Biobizz Microbes produce free amino acids in the growing media that increase the activity of all the surrounding microlife. In short, they help everyone get involved!

These enzymes increase the colonisation speed of beneficial microorganisms and the speed at which they can take in nutrients. With faster, better-fed soil life, Biobizz creates a more cohesive and productive ecosystem.

…beneficial bacteria…

Biobizz Microbes contains four different types of beneficial bacteria, all with a unique function that optimises plant growth.

Often, nutrients are right there in the substrate, but aren’t available for a plant to take in. These beneficial bacteria help to break down these nutrients for the best possible chance of absorption. Greater uptake of nutrients like phosphorus will encourage fruit and flower development in the blooming stage.

Other kinds of bacteria increase plants’ production of growth hormones and root tissue, naturally boosting their potential.

…and protective fungi

Trichoderma is a kind of fungus that works mutually with a plant’s root system to keep it at its best. They take a small amount of nutrients from the rhizosphere and in return protect the plant against pathogens and infections - that’s a true friend!

From this, roots can grow without disruption and create a complex network to take in nutrients and water.

Clean, green, and certified

Biobizz is a gentle product designed to naturally enhance the microlife in a garden. It has received the following certifications for its earth-friendly approach:

  • Control Union Certifications: National Organic Program (NOP) Input
  • Control Union Certifications: Organic EU Input
  • Good Soil Quality Mark
  • Point Vert
  • Clean Green Certification
  • EnvirOrganic

How to use Biobizz Microbes?

Biobizz Microbes can be used alone, but it’ll also work brilliantly with other products in the Biobizz range.

It can be used at any point throughout the growth cycle - from start to finish if you like! Dilute at a rate between 0.2 and 0.4mg per litre of water and apply weekly.

Why choose Biobizz Microbes?

  • Microbial substrate and plant enhancer;
  • Introduces beneficial life into a garden;
  • Contains 4 types of microbes, enzymes, bacteria, and fungi;
  • Improves unhealthy substrates;
  • Enhances growth in the rhizosphere;
  • Organic and internationally certified;
  • Suitable for all stages of growth.

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