Bio Nova - Vitasol – Soil Improver, 100% Organic Hydroponics

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Additive 100% Organic - Bio Nova Vitasol

VITASOL is an organic soil improver, liquid, with 9% potassium. Its organic origin facilitates its absorption by cultivation. It is also desirable as a converter of available nutrients.

In cases of periods of high production and rapid growth (in the case of crops under artificial light) or in the case of stagnation in growth due to nutrient deficiencies, the use of VITASOL has proven to be very effective. This product can be absorbed by the roots and leaves which practically prevents the plant from burning.

VITASOL is easily mixed with water and can be given to the plant by dripping, but it is advisable to wash these from time to time. As a result of its organic base, VITASOL produces a stable and constant growth and a great development of the root hairs, a healthy colour and a high resistance to pests and / or possible infections.
VITASOL contains potassium, and a large number of trace elements. This product gives an extra sweet flavour to the fruits

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