ATLANTIC FISH FERTILIZER 3.8L Organic Plant Food Nutrient NPK 5-5-4 Hydroponics

Supreme Gardener


Item Description

The newest additive to the market, ATLANTIC FISH! Organic Fertilizer

For centuries now, plant nutrients have been obtained organically from fish, this product is designed to aid and accelerate the absorption of minerals and salts in the vegetation and pre flowering stage.

Regular usage will create a better environment and facility for your growing medium by providing crucial minerals necessary to help any plant flourish.

Continued use will enable the plant to accumulate amino acids to aid to build a resistance to plant stress, ensuring a vibrant vegetative grow

  • Aids & Relief Plant Stress
  • Enhances Root Mass
  • Vibrant Vegetative Growth
  • NPK: 5-5-4 fertilizer is an excellent source of organic plant nutrients
  • Ideal for use with indoor and outdoor plants
  • 3.8L Bottle

Feed Chart:

Seedlings & Cuttings = 0.5ml per litre
Week 1 veg = 1ml per litre
Week 2 veg = 2ml per litre
Week 3 veg = 3ml per litre
Week 4 veg = 4ml per litre

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