ATAMI B'Cuzz Root Stimulator 1 Litre Roots Enhancer Hydroponics



Item Description
ATAMI B'Cuzz Root Stimulator

Bigger Roots = Bigger Plants = Bigger Yields.

Roots are essential to absorb sufficient water, nutrient salts and sugars.

Root stimulator ensures a strong growth of the roots and reduces the chances of root diseases like root lice, root rot and Fusarium.

Strength and size of the roots developed by your plants helps determine what results are possible when harvest time comes around – so paying them ample care and attention is key. B’cuzz Root Stimulator focuses your young plants on building large, healthy rootzones, containing a rich and well-balanced supply of essential elements needed for the process.

This boost for the roots leads to improved absorption rates of water and nutrients, a more established anchor point capable of supporting increased amounts of foliage and a reinforced structure that significantly reduces the risk of root diseases like pythium. Suitable for hydro, coco and soil, add B’cuzz Root Stimulator to feeds from the first week onwards.


1 ml per litre water


Store at room temperature. Shake well before use. Keep out of the reach of children.

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