X-Stream V2 Aeroponic Propagation Hydroponic Grow Room Misting Propagator





Choose from:

X-Stream -   12 Site (46 x 40 x 22cm)
X-Stream -   20 Site (61 x 40 x 22cm)
X-Stream -   40 Site (61 x 42 x 22cm)
X-Stream -   80 Site (76 x 61 x 41cm)
X-Stream -   120 Site (120 x 67 x 27cm)

A massive grower favourite and one of the best bits of kit on the market!  X-Streams Aeroponic propagator’s provide flawless growing conditions for cuttings and clones. Using fine misters to continuously spray water vapour onto plant stalks suspended in mesh pots, the X-Stream range of propagators ensure, stems are always kept moist and do not dry out. This safeguards against over and under watering, which may result in root rot, or stems drying out, causing cuttings to quickly shrivel and, if not remedied, die. Both are common causes of cutting failure, and the biggest hurdle to unblemished cloning. 

Equally important and necessary for fast growth are generous quantities of oxygen molecules carried along in the water mist. Permitting clones to enjoy an unrestricted access to oxygen, boosting root mass growth and promoting rapid plant development. X-Stream V2 propagators are manufactured with two pre-moulded channels in the lid to accommodate T5 or LED propagation lighting. Cool running lights, these can safely be rested directly on the lid, guaranteeing cuttings receive perfect luminosity and are exposed to a textbook spectrum optimised for early growth.

•    Provides a perfect environment for root development

•    Improves strike rate to near 100%


•    Eliminates root rot & drying out issues

The unique environment in an X-Stream Aeroponic propagator results in incredible root development and plants that are ready for transplanting sooner than ever. Cuttings are ready to transplant in just 10-14 days!

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