Ultra Vivid 600w MH Grow Lamp, 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Flowering Bulb E40 Fitting

Ultra Vivid


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Item Description

600w Ultra Vivid - Grow & Flower e40 Fitting Lamps

  • 600w MH Metal Halide (Grow) Lamp

UltraVivid's Metal Halide grow lamps use a blue spectrum which plants need when in a growth stage. This prevents plants stretching and instead gives a short dense plant ready for flowering.

Colour temperature: 4200k - Perfect Light Spectrum for Growth Stage

E40 Screw Fitting

  • 600w Dual Spectrum HPS (Flowering) Lamp, with enhanced Red Spectrum

UltraVivid's Dual Spectrum HPS Lamps have the highest Orange/Red Spectrum than any other HPS Lamp. Giving you the best results during the Flowering Stage of your plants. Although HPS Lamps can be used throughout the vegetative & flowering stages, for optimum results I recommend using a Metal Halide Lamp for the vegetative stage.

Colour temperature: 2000k - Perfect Light Spectrum for Flowering Stage

E40 Screw Fitting

All UltraVivid bulbs carry CE Mark.


All (MH) Metal Halide Lamps and (HPS) High Pressure Sodium require a Ballast to power them. Please do not purchase unless you fully understand this. If you need any further information, please just let me know.

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