Rhino Fan Inline Extractor 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" Single, Twin Speed Thermo Hydroponics




Rhino PRO Fans are available in three options: Single Speed, Twin Speed & Thermostatically Controlled Speed.

This means that the range has a fan that will suit every type of grower.

Rhino Pro Fans are super-efficient, easy to install and are hard-wired ready to go.

Rhino Single Speed Fans – Easy to use option, ideal if your grow room is a steady temperature.

  • 4" Single Speed - Air Flow: 280m3/h
  • 5" Single Speed - Air Flow: 420m3/h
  • 6" Single Speed - Air Flow: 400m3/h (A1)
  • 6" Single Speed - Air Flow: 760m3/h (L1)
  • 8" Single Speed - Air Flow: 800m3/h (A1)
  • 8" Single Speed - Air Flow: 950m3/h (L1)
  • 10" Single Speed - Air Flow: 1180m3/h (L1)

Rhino Twin Speed Fans – Manual switch for high speeds in the summer and low speeds in winter.

  • 4" Twin Speed - Air Flow: 160-280m3/h
  • 5" Twin Speed - Air Flow: 220/360m3/h
  • 6" Twin Speed - Air Flow: 390-760m3/h
  • 8" Twin Speed - Air Flow: 450-950m3/h

Rhino Thermostatically Controlled Fans – Set your ideal temperature and this fan will speed-up if the grow room rises above the set temperature and then slow down again when the ideal temperature is reached.

  • 4" Thermostatic Control - Air Flow: 280m3/h
  • 5" Thermostatic Control - Air Flow: 400m3/h
  • 6" Thermostatic Control - Air Flow: 760m3/h


The Rhino Pro Fan series are fully compatible with other branded products. The durable casing is manufactured from reinforced plastic, to give the fan a very strong outer casing that prevents leaks.

Unlike other hydroponic fans the Rhino fans come hard wired with a standard UK plug already, meaning they are ready to use straight out of the box.

  • Speed-controllable
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Maintenance-free and reliable
  • Inclusive mounting bracket
  • Single, twin & thermostatically controlled options available.

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