Plant Magic Plus Platinum PK 9-18 Ultimate Booster Nutrient Additive Hydroponics

Plant Magic



Platinum is not just your stand alone PK 9-18 Booster!!

As well as high levels of phosphorus and potassium making this a highly concentrated liquid it also contains a degree of Nitrogen, this is important in maintaining plant health, vigour and to enhance aromas and flavors from your fruits.

Platinum differs greatly from the competition due to its unique and complex make-p of Bio-stimulants, Amino Acids as well as high levels of Sulphur.

The Bio-stimulants used are by far the best sourced material we have ever come across. It increases the Cation Exchange Capacity (when growing in compost / soil) and will also enhance root growth as well as breaking food down to a more readily available food source for the plant. They aid with the speeding up the uptake of vital elements to ensure the plants needs are fulfilled and most importantly they are a food source for beneficial microbes, bacteria and fungi.

Amino Acids are the building blocks for every single life form known to man. By adding this special blend of precisely the right strains ensures that the fruits develop a tight structure full of flavors, aromas and sugar production.

The high levels of Sulphur will see that the uptake of Phosphorus is greatly increased. This special concentration level will also speed up photosynthesis assisting in more sugar production and faster growth resulting in greater yields. This high concentration also assists in the building of proteins and Amino Acids.

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