ICE COOL Pipe 13mm 19mm 25mm by 25m PVC Plastic Flexible Tubing Hose Hydroponics



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Available in 3 sizes in 25 Metre Rolls:

  • 13mm Internal Diameter x 25m

  • 19mm Internal Diameter x 25m

  • 25mm Internal Diameter x 25m

What is Ice Cool Pipe?

Ice Cool is a very simple product that has a massive effect on nutrient temperatures. The dual-core technology means that Ice Cool outperforms conventional black pipe in all applications

Temperatures are reduced by up to 15%

How does it work?

It has a white outer layer which reflects heat and a black inner layer that protects from U.V, which:

  • Reduces the potential to root disease

  • Reduces root stress like pythium

  • Provides more stable PH & EC

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