Green Planet TERPINATOR 1L & 4 Litre Terpinoid Smell Aroma Enhancer Hydroponics

Green Planet



Available in 1 Litre & 4 Litre containers.

Terpinator is a new product on the market that is going to increase the overall quality of your crop by a staggering amount.

It?s well known through aromatherapy that certain aromatic compounds affect our physiology (A good example of this is feeling relaxed after a cup of mint tea.)

Plants produce these odours by creating a collection of chemicals called Terpines, and these effect the overall quality, taste and odour of your plants. Terpinator isn?t the same as other ?taste enhancing? products which load your plant full of sweet carbohydrates and mask the true flavour,  Terpinator causes your plants natural terpines production to go into overdrive, producing more essential oils, and thus becoming more odorous, potent and heavy at harvest time. Terpinator enhances the natural taste and odour of your plants.

It is advised your carbon filter is up to the job when using Terpinator.

The manufacturers recommend using  5  - 8 ML per litre during the entirety of the flowering cycle.  Terpinator also has a pH of 6, and should not affect your E.C. This product is of organic origin and as so  can be used right up until harvest time with no negative effects on growth or the end product.

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