Dutch Pro 50L Bag - Light Mix Soil - All Mix Soil - Coco Medium. Growing Media

Dutch Pro


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Available in 50 Litre Bag.

Choose from: Pro Soil/Aarde All Mix, Pro Soil/Aarde Light Mix and Pro Coco.

Dutchpro's new range of growing media is composed of the finest ingredients to provide a modern and ecologically proven response to all of your growing media requirements. DP Growing Media offers a rich blend of carefully selected materials to help you achieve optimal growth and yields. The new growing media line from Dutchpro carries the RHP stamp of quality, which is the Dutch standard for horticultural substrates and growing media that ensures a stringently monitored, quality, homogenous product that provides constant performance. DP substrates: the starting point for exponentially improved yield outcomes. When combined with the whole selection of Dutchpro additives and supplements, DP Growing Media will boost your results to the max!

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