8" (200mm) CoolTube Shade Grow Room Cool Wing Air Cooled Reflector Hydroponics

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Item Description

8" (200mm) Cool Tube Shade Air Cooled Reflector with 4m IEC Cable

The purpose of the Cool Tube is to remove hot air produced by high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs more efficiently from your grow tent / room. This can be achieved by blowing cold air through the cool tube, extracting the hot air from the reflector. The biggest advantage of the Cool Tube is that it can be mounted lower, thus enabling the plants to receive more light, without being scorched by the heat.

  • Hammered dimpled anodised aluminium highly polished reflective surface.
  • Additional external double wing reflector extension.
  • 8" 200mm diameter duct connection.
  • Hanging Hooks included.
  • Suitable for E40 fitting HPS, Metal Halide lamps: 250w, 400w & 600w.
  • 4m cable with IEC connector (plug straight into your lighting ballast).
  • CE marked and RoHs approved.

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