600w HPS Grow Flower Light Kit, Solid Resin Magnetic Ballast, Bulb, Reflector Hydroponics



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1 x Ultra-Vivid 600w Solid Resin Magnetic Ballast

1 x Ultra-Vivid 600w Dual Spectrum Grow & Flower Bulb

1 x Dutch Barn Style Euro Shade 

1 x Rope Ratchets (pair)

ULTRA-VIVID Solid Resin Magnetic Ballast  Made out of a tough and durable Resin Plastic that doesn't cost as much as digital ballasts, our plastic magnetic ballasts are ideal for anyone who's just starting growing hydroponic plants. Magnetic Ballasts have been around for years and are used by gardeners from around the world as they are inexpensive to buy. A Magnetic Ballast contains a core made out of steel plates wrapped in a copper wire coil. This helps create a magnetic field which regulates the initial electrical current delivered to voltage sensitive light bulbs. Because of this regulation, a lower intensity output is delivered, meaning that light bulbs have a longer lifespan. 

Don't compromise on ballast quality by opting for other cheap plastic ballasts. All Ultra-Vivid vented ballasts are mountable CE marked and have a full one year warranty. Perfect for growers who operate on a budget. 

  • Quiet running.
  • Vented for cool operation
  • UK Mains Plug
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • ROHS Compliant and CE marked
  • 1 Metre mains lead with a flying IEC lead for added safety.
ULTRA-VIVID 600w HPS Bulb - Included in this kit has the following features:
  • Dual Spectrum Lamp have both Blue spectrum for Growth Stage and Red Spectrum for Flowering Stage.                      
  • Energy-efficient grow lamp that provides more energy which is essential for optimized photosynthesis.
  • Long life and economical.
Euro Barn Reflector - The Euro Reflector is a value-for-money reflector for first-time growers or more experienced gardeners on a budget. It has a V-ridge along the top and silver dimpled wings for excellent reflectivity, light dispersion and reduction of hot-spots. The Euro HPS grow light reflector has a ceramic lamp-holder for reliability and heat-resistance and has 2 convenient tabs on the top for easy hanging. It is an excellent no-frills product where cost is a major concern.
Pair Rope Ratchets - The Rope Ratchet Light Hanger is a pair of hangers for your grow light. It allow you to secure items quickly and easily. 


  • Comes with lock ratchets both ends to prevent from breaking & Slipping.
  • Made with special composite material.
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Carabineer clips provide a secure hold. 
  • Great for hoisting and securing

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