4" 5" 6" 8" 10" "CARBON GARDEN" Pro Carbon Filter Air Odour Control, Ventilation





High Quality Carbon Filters

 Built to the highest quality. The CGV-4 activated virgin carbon eliminates all odours on contact.

Pre-Filter includes 0.1 second contact time for instant odour removal.

 Our Carbon Pellets are made from Coconut Husks -

The Best Carbon Pellets Available!

 Select Size:

 4" (100mm Dia) x H:250mm (163m3/h)

4" (100mm Dia) x H:400mm (280m3/h)

5" (125mm Dia) x H:200mm (160m3/h)
5" (125mm Dia) x H:400mm (300m3/h)

6" (150mm Dia) x H:500mm (480m3/h)
6" (150mm Dia) x H:800mm (760m3/h)

8" (200mm Dia) x H:500mm (760m3/h)
8" (200mm Dia) x H:800mm (1030m3/h)

10" (250mm Dia) x H:750mm (1200m3/h)
10" (250mm Dia) x H:1000mm (1450m3/h)

12" (315mm Dia) x H:750mm (1300m3/h)

12" (315mm Dia) x H:1000mm (1800m3/h)


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