4" (100mm) Air Odour Control Kit: In-Line RAM Fan, Carbon Filter, Ducting

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4" (100mm) dia. - Hydroponics Air Odour Control Kit

Fan Filter Kit - Grow Room Tent Hydroponics 4" up to 150 m3/h airflow rate

Ideal for small LED & CFL setups.
Almost silent operation. Great for scrubbing air, simply leave in your room and the kit will pass air through, scrubbing the air of smells.

4" RAM Single Speed Fan

  • 4" spigots to fit Ducting.
  • Up to 150 m3/h airflow.
  • Quite operation.
  • Fitted Powerlead & UK plug.

4" CARBON GARDEN" Filter (25cm High)

  • Premium activated carbon filter.
  • 100mm 4” dia, 250mm long.
  • 18 month life span under normal conditions.
  • Pre-filter included.
  • Extra virgin activated carbon pellets for better airflow.
  • 0.1 second contact time to ensure 100% odour removal.

4" - 2.5m Flexible Aluminium Ducting with 3 Hose Clips

  • Flexible ventilation ducting is very flexible, hard-wearing, multi-ply aluminium foil.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • -30 to 140 Deg C operating temperature range.
  • Manufactured to EU standard: EN13180.
  • Fire resistant to BS 476.


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