250w 400w 600w OMEGA Metal Ballast Grow Light Kit, HPS Dual Spectrum Bulb, Hood

Omega Lighting



Choose from:

 250w Omega Light Kit (36,000 lumens)

400w Omega Kit (61,000 lumens)

600w Omega Light Kit (95,000 lumens)

Kit includes: 

OMEGA Metal Electro-Magnetic Ballast.

Omega Metal Ballast is quiet running with a premium steel housing, vented for  cool running. 

All ballasts feature a 1m mains lead with flying IEC lead for added safety and  can be

wall mounted in required. 

CE Certified with full 1 Year Warranty


OMEGA  HPS Dual Spectrum Bulb 
HPS Dual Spectrum Bulb have both Blue  Spectrum
(Growth Stage)  and Red Spectrum (Flowering Stage). Air  purification chamber filters which
improve the PAR output.
Euro Barn Reflector Hood
Hammered  finish reflectors are perfect for HPS  Lamps,
unlike mirror finish reflectors these do not create  heat-spots which can burn your plant.
470 x 470mm, E40 ceramic fitting. 3m heavy  duty flex with fitted IEC male plug.


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