10" PRO Air Odour Control Kit: Vortex Extractor Fan, Carbon Filter, Ducting





10" VORTEX (250mm) In-line Ducting Fan (1150m3/h) 185w

  • Vortex Fans are manufactured in Germany, built to last these fans will help in the removal of hot stale air from your grow room and can also be used to provide fresh air ventilation for larger rooms
  • Vortex In-line fans are the most silent, reliable and best fans for moving large volumes of air in grow rooms or greenhouses
  • Compatible to use with speed controllers,
  • Can be installed in any position (Includes Bracket)
  • Maintenance-free and reliable


10" (250mm) "FLOWER FILTER" Large Carbon Filter (1180m3/hr) - 50cm high

Flower Filters are premium grade Carbon Filter that will remove 99% of odours from your grow room.

Using the finest Virgin Australian RC 412 granular carbon
Allowing tight packing and leaving no space for VOC’s (odours) to escape.


Machine Packed
Allowing more carbon, and less movement.


Open Air Mesh Design
Maximises Airflow.

Activated Carbon absorbs and traps pollutants
Within the carbon removing 99% of odours and impurities from the air.

    • 2 Pre Filters Included!
    • Large custom mesh for increased air flow
    • Unique, light-weight & highly efficient design
    • Refined Aluminium flange
    • Aluminium top and base

5m Aluminium Flexible 10" Ducting

3 x 10" Hose Clips

1 x Fan Speed Controller

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