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View all 0.85kg 09435450 1 1 Litre 1 year (covers product defects & workmanship) 10 10 Litre 10" 100% Cotton 1000w 1000w ballast 1000w lumii 100cm 100m 100mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm 250mm 100MM 125MM 150MM 200MM 250MM 315MM 1088 13amp 13mm 170g 180cm 19mm 1L 1m 2 Buy or more Units & receive Daisy Chains connect 2 Jubilee Clips 2 way 200 200mm 200mu 21.5 250ml 250mm 250w 250w 400w 600w 1000w 250w 400w 600w 660w 25m 25mm 26 2kw 2m 3000k 300w LED 315w 315w CDM 3D Lamp 3m 4 inch 6 inch 4 way 4" 4" 5" 6" 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" 12.5" 4" 6" 4" kit 4000k 400v 400w 40a 41 42mm 45 45 cubic feet per minute (cfm) 4L 5 5 Meters 50 500mm 5060193555973 5060407911618 50L 50m 50mm 6 way 600 600w 600w ballast 600w MH BULB + 600w SUPER BULB 624493141325 630w 65 65g 7345908715643 8" 8way Accelerator Acoustic acoustic fan Additive additives Additives & Supplements Adhesive adjust a wing ADJUST A WINGS Adjustable adjustawing Advanced Advanced Nutrients Agent Air air control Air Odour air pot Air Rap airpots AirRap AirRap Pots ALASKA All all mix ALL SIZES Aluminium Amps Analog and AQUA Atami ATHENA ATHENA BLENDED Atlantic Fish Auto Bag Ballast Balls Bat Batmix BEASTIE Best bio bizz biobizz BLACK black box Black Combi Ducting Black Orchid BLENDED Block Bloom Bloom stimulator Bloom Stimulators BLOOMZ Bluetooth Board Bomb Boost booster Bowl Box Breeze Bud bud boost bud box BUD TRIM bud trimmer BUDDHAS BUDDHAS TREE Buds Bulb Bundle Bungee Burst by cal mag Can Canada CANNA CANNA ADDITIVES CANNA BOOST CANNA FLUSH Carbon Carbon Filter Carbon Filter Kit Carbon Garden CDM CDM / CMH CDM Bulb CE / RoHS CFL Circulating Circulation Clay Clean Cleaner CLEANSE Climate Clip clip fan Clip-on CMH co2 co2 generator Coco Coco Based coco clay coco lite Cocos Coir Combi Comfort Grip Compact Complete COMPO Compost Contactor Container Control Controller Conversion MH/HPS COOL cool tube Cooling cooltube Cord Corded Crew Neck cyco Damp Dark Darth Darth Vader DE Dehumidifier Density Desk digita Digital digital ballast Dimmable Dimmer Does Not Apply Double Double Ended Dry DRYER Dual Dual Spectrum Duct Duct Muffler/Silencer Ducting Dutch Dutch Pro Duty E40 Early EC ec fan ecothrive Electric Electronic Eliminate Eliminator Enclosed Ended Enhancer Enzyme Essentials exhale Exhaust Expanded Clay Explode Extraction Extractor Extractor Fan Fan Fan (Air Circulation) Fan (Clip On) Fan (In Line/Duct) Fan Plug Fan Speed Control Fans Feed FERTILIZER Film Filter FISH Fitting Fittings FIXTURE Flexible Floor Flooring FLORES Flow Flower FLOWER BOMB flower booster flowerbomb FLOWERING Foil Food for Formula FOX FoxFarm Fragrance dispersal Free FRUIT Full Funny FUSION Garden Garden King Gel Geordie Germany GOLD Gold Label Graphic Tee Gro Grow Grow Gadgets Grow light grow light kit Grow Northern Grow room odour neutraliser Grow Tent GROW TOOLS Growers Ark Growing Growth Bloom Stimulators GROWTOOLS Guano HADES Halide Hangers Heat Heat Seal Bag heater Heavy HEAVY DUTY SHEETING HERB HERBDRYER Hobby homegrown Hood Hose Hose & Tubing House House & Garden hps HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Humidity HWB-1.2M-KIT HYD-1005 Hydro HydroCoco Hydroponic Hydroponics HYGROZYME ICE ICE COOL Ignition in in-line fan In-Line Ram FanRhino Carbon Filter2.5m Ducting2 inch Increase Indoor Inline Inline Exhaust Fan inline fan Insulated Insulation IPM it JAPANESE Jiffy jungle boys Keep kgs kill mites killer mite Killermite Kit LABEL Lamp Large LEAF Leaf Trimmer led LED (Light Emiting Diode) Light light kit light mix lighthouse Lighting Lights Liquid Litre Litres Living Room Ltr lumii lumii 400v lumii black LUXX Machine magne cal Magnetic Magnetic (Core & Coil) Management Maxi Maxibright Maxigrow Maximiser MDF ME03 Media Medium Mesh Meta Metal Meter mh MH (Metal Halide) MH HPS Micro microscope Mix Mixed Moisture Monster Multi Mylar NATURAL Net Netherlands Netting Neutraliser Neutralising No NPK Nutes NUTRIENT Nutrient Additive Nutrient Package Nutrients Odor Odor Eliminator Odour odour control oil enhancer OKSINTO Omega OMEGA LIGHTIBNG Omega Lighting On ON10047 ONA ONA Breeze Fan ONA Gel 1L & 4L jar / 4L pail optiflood or ORA ORA8080 Orchid Organic Organic Nutrients Organicus Oscillating OttLite PARAABOLIC PARABOLIC Parody Part Pea Peat Peat Pellets Pebbles Pedestal fan Pellets Pen Pendant Per PERFECT pesticide PGR pH PH Pen PHONESCOPE Pipe PK PK 9-18 PK Booster Plagron plant plant food Plant Magic plant pots Plant Specific Nutrients Plant supplement Plant Vitality Plastic Plug Plug & Socket Plus Pot Pots Potting Soil POWDER Powerful PowerPlant PRO PRO LINE Professional Propagation propagator PRUNING Pruning Snips Purpinator PVC Quiet Rack RAM Ratchet Reducer Reflective Reflective Material Reflector Reflector/Hood REFLECTORS Regular Regular Fit Relay Remove reply Retractable Rhino Rhino Hobby RHINO PRO rock nutrients rock Resinator Roll Room root root stim Root Tonic Rope Round Sachets SCENTS SCISSORS Scrog Seam Tape Seed Self Selfie Setup Shade Sheeting SHOOTING shooting powder Short Sleeve Silencer Silver silver bullet SIZES Slim Small Animal Smart SmartGro smell Smells SNIPS Socket SOIL Solar Speaker Spec Special Spectrum Speed Star Star Wars STARTER STEEL Stimulator Stopper Stormtrooper Street Strip Substrate sunblaster SUNLIGHT Super SuperThrive SuperVeg Support Supports Supreme Gardener Switchable (HPS/MH) T5 T5 Street Light Table Take Tape Telos Tent terpinator Terpinoid Terra Thermostat Thick Timer TREE Trellis Trellis Netting TRIM BAG TRIMBAG Trimmer TRIMMING TRIMZILLA tube heater Tubing Twin UK Ultra Ultra Vivid Umbrella Unbranded United Kingdom Up to 15 watts upto USB VARIISPEED Veg VEGA Vegging Vented Ventilation Kit Vivid Vortex Wall wall fan Wars Watt Way Weight WHITE with X-Stream XL Yes Yields YoYo

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